Ontario Changing Workplaces Review

It will be interesting to see if the Ontario government acts substantively on the recommendations that were made by different groups during its Changing Workplace Review.  Ontario, like virtually every jurisdiction in North America, has experienced an enormous expansion of non-standard work.  The Standard Employment Relationship (SER) to which people aspired in the five decades … More Ontario Changing Workplaces Review

Genetic Testing and Individual Rights

The Canadian and American governments dealt with the issue of genetic testing this past week.  Republicans in the House of Representatives introduced legislation that would enable employers to demand genetic testing results from employees participating in wellness programs.  A worker who declines to provide such results could face massive increases in health insurance premiums.  Here … More Genetic Testing and Individual Rights

US Labor and the Trump Administration

The latest issue of the Atlantic has an interesting article that considers whether or not Donald Trump can split the American labor movement:  https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/03/can-trump-divide-organized-labor/518967/.  The article regrettably does not consider the main fissure in the movement:  private versus public sector unions.  The current state of organized labor in the United States is comparable to how … More US Labor and the Trump Administration

Adolf Berle on Corporate Power and the Berle Centre

This is another recording of Adolf Berle — from the very fine online digital collections at UC Santa Barbara — talking about the need to regulate corporate power.  At one point, he argues that nobody wants to go back to the Dickensian conditions described in books like Bleak House and also casts aspersions on the … More Adolf Berle on Corporate Power and the Berle Centre