The Ontario Community College Strike

There was considerable media scrutiny of the five-week long strike by Ontario community college faculty.  The conditions for this work stoppage had been gestating for many years, if not decades.  There is huge amount of precarious employment in higher education, especially at community colleges.  The overwhelming majority of teaching is done by instructors who are … More The Ontario Community College Strike

Critical Management Studies and Association of Business Historians conferences

I recently presented two papers at the Association of Business Historians Conference in Glasgow (one co-authored with Kevin Tennent and Andrew Smith) and one at the Critical Management Studies Conference in Liverpool.  Both conferences revealed considerable depth and breadth when it comes to critiquing the role of business and capital in society.  What is particularly … More Critical Management Studies and Association of Business Historians conferences

Indentured Servitude?

This recent article in the New York Times critiques the increasingly common use of non-competition agreements by American employers.  Workers, even those in low-paid service work, are being required to sign agreements that open them to litigation if they leave their current employment and go to a competing organization.  Here is a link to the article: … More Indentured Servitude?

Ontario Changing Workplaces Review

It will be interesting to see if the Ontario government acts substantively on the recommendations that were made by different groups during its Changing Workplace Review.  Ontario, like virtually every jurisdiction in North America, has experienced an enormous expansion of non-standard work.  The Standard Employment Relationship (SER) to which people aspired in the five decades … More Ontario Changing Workplaces Review